GBI Partners, L.P. is a Houston-based firm providing land surveying services to the greater Houston area. We specialize in design surveying, platting, construction phase management and pipeline surveys. Our solid repeat client list is reflective of every effort that we extend to our clients.

GBI has become a leader in the surveying industry by embracing our clients and the best in technology. Our surveyors approach every project with passion and integrity and are committed to providing responsive service.


GBI Partners, L.P. Announces Promotion


GBI Partners is proud to announce the promotion of Jon P. Bordovsky, RPLS, to Executive Vice President. In Jon’s new capacity, he will be the chief operating officer for the Houston Division. Jon brings with him 18 years of experience in land surveying, his strong work ethic and influential leadership. With these qualities, GBI strives to move forward in land development support and continue to surpass industry standards for our clients.

GBI Partners, L.P. Adds Key Executive Staff

GBI Partners is pleased to announce that Patrick Kell has joined the Executive Staff as a Senior Project Manager.

Patrick Kell, RPLS joined GBI Partners, L.P. and is bringing his 19 years of experience in the Land Surveying industry to the firm. Patrick manages project needs with an emphasis on client relations in a timely fashion. Patrick is uniquely qualified in both the Oil Industry and in Land Development support.

“Shooting for Freedom” with Congressman Pete Olson


Recently two of GBI partners, Gene Baker and Jimy Dyer, had the privilege of shooting clays at Westside Sporting Grounds, with Texas’ own Congressman Pete Olson. They were honored to participate in the event “Shooting for Freedom”. Congressman Olson humorously commented at lunch, that only in Texas could you hold this type of event for such a great cause. When Congressman Olson began reminiscing of his old high school days, he and Gene seemed to remember the same noteworthy basketball game, the time when Nolan Ryan walked into the gym and distracted Congressman Olson long enough for his opponent to score two points. Jimy’s necktie (shown in photo) is a token to remember the day he and Gene gave Congressman Pete Olson a run for his money the clay shoot.

I.H.S. 6th Annual Golf Tournament


From the very beginning the goal of Innovative Humanitarian Solutions, Inc. has been to discover and meet humanitarian needs in ways that build an individual’s and a country’s personal dignity and worth. Innovative Humanitarian Solutions works through partnerships with individuals, organizations and government agencies who desire to make a genuine difference in the lives of people. Gene Baker serves on the Board of Directors for Innovative Humanitarian Solutions; GBI Partner’s has been sponsoring and playing in their annual golf tournament for the past five years. This years tournament will be held on Monday, September 8th 2014. If you would like more information on how to get involved please visit