GBI opening newest office in Katy

GBI is proud to announce the opening of our newest office in Katy at the Grand Corners Office Complex located at the Northeast corner of the intersection of Westpark Toll Road and the Grand Parkway (AKA US 99).  This newest location will house four survey crews and the survey technicians to support them.  GBI has embraced the “Long Hallway” approach to office space.  Technology has allowed us to expand beyond the traditional concept of a “main” office into a location specific approach.  We can be closer to our projects, minimalize our drive time and increase productivity.  We expect to pass this cost savings to our clients and eliminate peak traffic problems.  This also allows our employees to select an office that best fits their family needs.  GBI has long known the value of happy and productive employees.  We hope this approach will also open opportunities for high caliber employees to choose GBI as their place of employment.

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