Boundary Surveys

The foundation of professional land surveying is the retracement and locating of real property boundaries. These boundary surveys provide our clients with vital information such as actual limits of development and locations of significant improvements relative to the boundary lines. When coupled with research of the County records, these surveys typically disclose restrictions on the land and other encumbrances such as easements, rights-of-way, or building setback lines. Boundary surveys, or Land Title Surveys as they are routinely named when fee interest is conveyed, are used by Title Companies, Land Attorneys, and Lenders for land transactions. A Boundary Survey is also one of the most important documents obtained to settle land disputes.

GBI Partners proudly serves residential, commercial, and industrial development communities by providing the initial boundary surveys needed to properly begin each new project. Completion of these boundary surveys allows GBI crews to become knowledgeable and familiar with the project areas. This creates value for our clients needing to retain services for continued work in the development following the boundary survey, including topographical or tree surveys, control networks, platting, construction staking, and as-built. Our other services offered allow the projects to flow from one phase to the next without having to re-build the project team.